EasyRepro automated testing framework June Update is now available

We are happy to announce that we have shipped the June 2019 update for the EasyRepro automated testing framework on GitHub. This update contains several API enhancements for compatibility with the April 2019 release in order to support your automated testing efforts for Dynamics 365 and model-driven standalone PowerApps.

NuGet packages are now available for you to download EasyRepro and start developing your testing suites for Dynamics 365.


What is EasyRepro?

If you have not used EasyRepro before to test your Dynamics 365 or Model-Driven apps, you may be wondering what it is? EasyRepro is an automated UI testing framework built specifically for testing your Dynamics 365 implementations. Our Wiki documentation on GitHub contains information on how to quickly Get set-up and started on writing your tests using the framework.


 How can EasyRepro help?

If you have previous experience writing automated UI test scripts, you would have completed a lot of HTML parsing, identifying various elements and identifiers in order to tell the web driver to run certain browser commands, such as clicking a menu item, or selecting a drop down option. This can be time-consuming, difficult to maintain and your test scripts can be brittle as UI updates are applied.
This is where EasyRepro can help! EasyRepro provides an easy-to-use set of APIs that make setting up UI testing quick and easy for your Dynamics implementations. With these APIs, EasyRepro abstracts and reduces the need for you to work directly with the Document Object Model (DOM) to author your test cases.
With over 200+ samples test cases for Unified Interface and Web Client available in the repository, you can get up-and-running quickly to start creating customized tests. The samples include create, retrieve, update, and delete scenarios for multiple entities including contacts, opportunities, accounts, leads, and cases. 


Can I integrate EasyRepro into my release processes?

Yes, you can! When you have authored your test cases, you can also integrate EasyRepro into your continuous build and release pipelines, to validate and ensure quality is maintained with each release. The EasyRepro community have contributed great articles on how to get this set up and executing your tests in Azure DevOps.
If you haven’t adopted automated UI testing, consider using EasyRepro today and reduce the risk of regression bugs in your deployments!