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Empowering Low-Code App Development at Team Rubicon with Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is of course one of the foundational services in the Microsoft Power Platform. Today, I’m excited to share with you an overview of Team Rubicon and how they are working with Power Apps.  Team Rubicon sits at the intersection of military veterans, technology, and medical professionals and first responders, leveraging the unique attributes of each, to help people prepare, recover, and respond during crises.  Team Rubicon is using Power Apps and the Microsoft ecosystem to create elegant solutions which address some of their fundamental business challenges.

Empowering People with Technology to Respond to Crises

Team Rubicon’s success depends on the ability to connect thousands of volunteers with projects across the globe and efficiently mobilize them.  With Power Apps, Team Rubicon is able to easily manage this complex operation, from reconnaissance of disaster sites to execution of support efforts.  Team Rubicon used Power Apps to create an intuitive, feature rich app which project managers use to track and update project details, enhance their productivity and communications, and even gain insights with detailed dashboards. Another essential requirement for Team Rubicon’s success is the ability to recruit new volunteers and offer a seamless journey from recruitment, training, and deployment. To this end, Power Apps Portals can be used to create a website where prospective volunteers can come register and easily join the team.

Our Microsoft Mechanics team heard about Team Rubicon’s innovative solutions so Jeremy Chapman met with me to learn more about Power Apps and how it was used by Team Rubicon.  Take a few minutes and check out our discussion and peek under the hood to see how Team Rubicon used Power Apps to create an enterprise-grade solution.  In the video I’ll go into details of:

For those of you who want to further push the envelope with Power Apps, I’ll also give a brief overview and example of the new mixed reality capability we recently launched.

Today and Beyond

If you want a deeper look into Power Apps and the depth and breadth of capabilities it offers, check out these sessions the Microsoft Business Applications Virtual Summit:

There are many more sessions from the summit which you can watch on-demand.  If you’re a pro developer, or just interested in learning some of the more code-rich capabilities available with Power Apps, check out our sessions from Microsoft Build Conference.

I also wanted to share two solutions we developed for response to COVID-19.  As I touched upon in the Mechanics video, we recently created the Crisis Communications app.  Additionally, we also developed the Hospital Emergency Response solution which is specifically designed to help healthcare providers.  For the latest information on our roadmap and upcoming features, follow our release wave.

Empower Your Organization

Hopefully you have had a chance to use Power Apps, but if not, get started with a trial today.  We have extensive learning modules available to help your teams build their first apps.  Be sure to join our community and get the latest updates and participate in discussions that can help shape the product and also inspire the next great ideas.  Also, for deeper understanding and updates of new features, follow the Power Apps blog.  If you want to learn more about the Power Platform and its groundbreaking capabilities, check out these Mechanics videos covering other Power Platform topics:


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