Enhanced functionality in Unified Interface grids

Unified Interface grids are more productive with several improvements in preview new and available with the 2019 wave 2 release.  The improvements span increased density, updated styling, remembering state, standard browser hyperlinks, loading indicator and improved filtering.

In addition two commonly requested fixes are coming soon for editable grid error messages and for browser open in new tab.

Increased grid density and updated visuals

All the grids in Unified Interface have had visual adjustments to increase the amount of data that can be seen.  This brings us to parity with the latest classic web client experience.  Both the read-only and editable tabular grids had visual updates bringing closer to familiar Microsoft grids and lists.

Remember grid state

The main grid page now remembers the filter, sort, page state when navigating away and back.  This includes quick find, column filtering, page number, etc.  The navigation outside the page will always open with the initial state to allow easily returning to the normal state.

Grid loading indicator

When grids are busy retrieving data, a new loading indicator is shown which prevents accidentally causing multiple data retrievals.  This especially helps with longer running queries or higher latency networks by indicating the the app is still working.

Jump bar using sort field

The jump bar has been updated to use the first sorted field instead of only the primary field.  If no sort change has been made, the jump bar uses the primary field.  If a sort change has been made, then the sort is used.  This brings the jump bar to parity with the classic web client.

Improved filtering

The activity type field now has column filtering allowing the selection of one or more types.  Also related entity fields like owner, status, and reason can be filtered.

To provide a better searching, sub grids were updated to use the quick find view when the view selector is visible or when the view selector is not visible apply the quick find to the current view. This behavior was done to match the classic web client sub grid quick find.

Hierarchy navigation

The hierarchy icon is now available in the grid row in addition to the command bar.  Clicking navigates to the hierarchy form.

Open in new tab or windows

A fix is gradually rolling out to support the grid primary field and lookup fields using the browser context menu for opening in a new tab or window.  This will make it much easier to take your work to a new browser tab or window.  This new capability is in addition to the existing Ctrl+Click shortcut.

Error messages in editable grid

Another fix gradually rolling out will display record save error messages in an editable grid.  The messages can come from either business rules or plugins which prevent the save.  Above the grid a message is displayed that one or more records didn’t save.  An error icon in the record will have more specific error information in a tooltip.

Try out these feature in preview using Early opt in to 2019 release wave 2 and give us feedback at PowerApps Community.