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Get updates about your app right in your inbox

Beginning today, we’re starting a pilot program to send regular emails to notify makers like yourself about the usage of their top performing app. This will give regular insights into how an app is performing without having to actively look at its analytics.

In this first email, we’ll let you know how many people used all of your apps along with details on your most used app. Are there particular days when it was most used? Do people use it only occasionally or every single day? With this information you’ll be able to better identify usage patterns so that you can improve your app for your users. We’ll also provide recommendations on how you can make improvements using the new features we routinely ship.

App Usage Email

This first round of emails will be targeted to users in the United States, but we’ll be broadening it out to all makers who have opted into our email communications over the next several months.

Be sure you are not missing out on the latest information about your app and the rest of PowerApps. Sign up now by following this link, wait 30 seconds, and opt in to communications from PowerApps using the toast that appears in the top right.