Important New Feature: Relationship Validation for Solutions

Have you ever installed a solution only to find that the required relationships for lookups weren’t all present? This is annoying at best and can cause a loss of productivity while updated solutions are published to resolve the issue.

Until now it was all too easy to import a solution that did not include the needed relationships.

We plan to release a new feature in October to help eliminate this issue.  We will execute a validation check on solution import to ensure all required relationships for lookups are part of the solution.  If they are not, the solution import will not complete and the user will receive an informative message about which lookup has a missing relationship so it can be easily resolved.

This change helps authors ensure they are publishing high quality solutions.  This feature will be enabled by default and no action will be needed.

Call to Action:
Ensure that your existing solutions have included all lookup relationships.

Dataverse currently ignores the fact that these relationships are missing and allows publication.  The feature update in October will require these relationships to be part of the solution.  It will be an error if you attempt to publish a solution that does not include them. This may cause delays in editing and publishing existing solutions.

For a more detailed look of it in action, please watch this video: Solution Validation of Lookup Relationships