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Introducing the Relevance Search API

We are happy to introduce the Relevance Search API for Common Data Service (CDS) environments. This provides access to exciting new search capabilities in environments with Relevance Search enabled.

The API can power three types of search experiences:

  • Search results page
  • Suggestions-as-you-type


    Suggestions using Relevance Search API

  • Autocomplete


    Autocomplete using Relevance Search API

Additionally, capabilities like term boosting, fuzzy search, proximity search, and regex search made possible through Lucene query syntax help you create highly customized search experiences. All results are based on the environment’s configured entity data and what the user has permission to access.

The following documentation provides details about the Relevance Search API: Search across entity data using Relevance Search. Note that it is accessible through Web API only at this time.

We look forward to learning about how you leverage these new capabilities!