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Introducing the Data table control in PowerApps

Imagine that you have a collection of data (such as a list sales orders, a set of service tickets, or a directory of contacts), and that you want to show this data in your Microsoft PowerApps app in a tabular format, where each column represents a field and each row represents a record. In the past, you might have been able to roughly simulate this visualization, although the process required some effort. However, we’ve been listening to your requests and are happy to announce that you can now quickly and easily achieve this very typical visualization by using the new Data table control that has been recently added to PowerApps. 


Once you’ve added the control to a screen, you simply need to link your Data table to a data source and then select which fields to show. 



What the Data table control includes

  • Connected data sources
    You can use the Data table control in conjunction with connected data sources.  Support for static data sources like Excel is coming soon. 

  • Single-record selection
    Users can select only one row at a time in the Data table control. You can then use the Selected property to access field values from that row and provide data context to other controls in the app.

  • Read-only data
    As with Gallery controls, Data table controls show read-only data. To enable a record to be edited, you must link the selected row in the Data table control to an Edit form control or another control that supports updating data.

  • Column headings
    A row of column headings appears at the top of the Data table control for reference. You can style the column headings to achieve the appearance you want.

  • Broad customization support
    You can restyle a Data table control by customizing several properties. For example, you can adjust the style for the whole set of data rows, the selected row, or the row to which the user is pointing with a mouse.

To learn more about the Data table control, its properties, and how to use it, see its reference topic.


We want your feedback

We hope that you find the Data table control useful for building apps that have the visuals that you want. As always, we’re extremely interested in any feedback that you have about this feature. You can leave your comments on this page, or at the PowerApps Community Forum if you have questions, or at the PowerApps Idea Forum if you have additional ideas or suggestions. We look forward to improving this control and PowerApps as a whole by incorporating your feedback and suggestions!