Join the PowerApps team at Microsoft Build!

Microsoft Build is right around the corner! Next week thousands of developers will descend on Seattle to get an inside look at the tools and platforms that matter most to them, and we’ll be there!

If you’re a last minute conference kind of person, there’s still time to attend, head over to the registration page and get yourself registered. You can also join us virtually at Microsoft Build Live, a free digital experience that will allow you to tune into the live keynotes, interact with other developers and Microsoft experts, watch on-demand content, and more! 

We’re preparing an awesome line up of PowerApps content for both new and experienced developers, all delivered by the PowerApps development team. You won’t find this concentration of PowerApps talent in one place at the same time anywhere else on the planet (aside from maybe a few buildings in Redmond. 🙂

This is what we’ve got planned for you;

Breakout Sessions

  • Build and extend applications for Office 365 with PowerApps and Flow: Come discover the capabilities of PowerApps as the unified high productivity application development platform across Office 365 and Dynamics 365. As successor to InfoPath, Access Web Apps, and SharePoint Designer Workflow, PowerApps has a lot more to offer. From simple forms over advanced app building to automation, workflows, approvals, and much more. We’ll cover integrations with Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Excel, the Microsoft Graph, and beyond. Start extending and building apps for Office 365 and Dynamics 365 today! Presenters: Emma Cooper; Merwan Hade
  • Automating business processes and approvals with Microsoft Flow: Use Microsoft Flow to easily add business process automation and approval processes to your solutions. You’ll learn to build Flows with a few simple clicks and extend your learnings to more advanced techniques and expressions used to build complex workflows. Finally discover how you can take it up to Azure Logic Apps when it makes sense. Presenter: Stephen Siciliano
  • Extending PowerApps and the Common Data Service for Apps with custom controls and server side logic: Professional developer extensibility is a key capability to the Business Application Platform. We’ll focus on enriching model-driven PowerApps solutions with server-side code and custom controls on the Common Data Service for Apps. We’ll utilize the developer toolkit and write code for native plugin development, use of functions and logic apps, Web API, Administration API, and the Virtual Entity subsystem. Presenter: Matthew Barbour
  • Deep dive into building apps on Common Data Service for Apps: In this session, we’ll deep dive into the concepts needed to build applications on CDS for Apps, whether you leverage it in PowerApps or in your custom-built solutions.  We’ll cover all the fundamentals like entity modelling, business rules, business processes, and include an introduction to extensibility options like Plugins, Virtual Entities, and more. Presenter: Ryan Jones
  • Developing custom connectors for Microsoft Flow and PowerApps: PowerApps already provides over 200 connectors -to Microsoft as well as to 3d party services- for app makers to use and combine into their apps. Learn how you can build custom connectors and make them available to app makers around the world. Presenters: Sunay Vaishnav; Theresa Palmer-Boroski
  • Advanced app building with PowerApps expressions and rules: Join us to learn how you can leverage advanced expressions and new enhancements for PowerApps canvas based apps that improve readability of expressions, enable deep customization and provide tools to build apps more quickly. Presenter: Greg Lindhorst
  • Accelerate your SaaS App development using the power of the Business Application Platform: Join this session to learn how the Business Application Platform can accelerate the time to market for your next Line of Business SaaS app. Through the lens of an ISV/software developer, we will walk you through the entire application development process showcasing what it takes to build a new, composite app from the ground up using out of the box no-code/no-code tooling, to extending with custom code and connectors through to packaging and publishing to AppSource allowing you to reach 120M+ monthly active users. During this session we will also touch upon the value of the Common Data Service for Apps as it applies specifically to you as an ISV, how you can extend and contribute to the ISV ecosystem flywheel and greatly reduce both cost and time to market for new SaaS apps. Presenters: Julie Strauss; Michael Gernaey

Theater sessions

  • Distribute your apps to millions of users via AppSource: Learn how to package apps and custom extensions for PowerApps and distribute them via AppSource within your organization or to over 120M monthly active users across Office 365 and Dynamics 365.  Ready your custom solutions for everyone to leverage. Presenters: Omar Choudhry; Smith Codio
  • Deliver a compelling experience on Microsoft AppSource: Learn how to deliver a compelling experience on Microsoft AppSource. You’ll hear best practices for publishing your app, how to create a Test Drive, and discover how ISVs are achieving success on our platform. Presenter: James Galvin
  • Build a workflow in 10 minutes: Join Microsoft Flow PM Team as they build a workflow in 10 minutes that takes advantage of Flows key capabilities including virtual buttons and integration with azure cognitive services which allows Developers to build solutions in minutes that wouldn’t have been possible just years ago. Presenters: Jon Levesque; Kent Weare
  • Build a full business app in 10 minutes: Fast paced overview of how to leverage PowerApps and the Common Data Service for Apps to create rich and comprehensive apps, leveraging custom data schema, forms and tools to guide users through your business process. Presenter: Clay Wesener
  • Real-World Solutions with PowerApps: ALM via Microsoft Flow & PowerShell: Learn approaches and best practices from real apps built with PowerApps. Learn how to managing apps in large organizations using PowerShell and Microsoft Flow. Presenters: Kent Weare; Mehdi Slaoui Andaloussi
  • Real-World Solutions with PowerApps: Performance and optimization tips when building apps: Learn approaches and best practices from real apps built with PowerApps. In this session we will go over data loading patterns, asset optimizations, formula optimizations, and more. Presenter: Mehdi Slaoui Andaloussi
  • Real-World Solutions with PowerApps: Building Composite Controls: Learn approaches and best practices from real apps built with PowerApps. In this session we will review how to build composite controls for PowerApps, such as Accordion, Flyout menu, and Tab control, using basic built-in controls. Presenter: Mehdi Slaoui Andaloussi
  • Real-World Solutions with PowerApps: Tips & tricks to manage your app complexity: Learn approaches and best practices from real apps built with PowerApps. We’ll look into a set of best practices to ensure your app is maintainable, extensible and easy to debug. Presenter: Mehdi Slaoui Andaloussi

Expo Stations

  • Come visit us in the Business Applications expo area. Get your toughest questions answered, see demos of the latest features, and meet a bunch of the Microsoft team that builds PowerApps & Microsoft Flow.

We hope to see you at Build, and if you can’t make it in person, check out Microsoft Build Live, it’s going to be a great week!

Thanks, Rich.