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More small steps…

A quick note on two bite size features.

Have you ever wondered why the Navigate function requires the second argument?   For example:

Navigate( Screen2, None )

Why not just default the second argument?  Transitions can make for a more engaging user experience but most folks don’t use them.

Yeah, we wondered that too.  With the release deploying this week (3.19043), the second argument is now optional and defaults to None.  Behold:

Navigate( Screen2 )

We also took the opportunity to add two new transitions: CoverRight and UnCoverRight.  The existing Cover and UnCover always moved to the left, now you can also move to the right.  Used together they can give a sense for moving forward and backward through the screens of your app.

CoverRight UnCoverRight
Cover UnCover

Visit the  Navigate function docs to see all the transitions in action.