Now available: model-driven app push notifications

Push notifications are ubiquitous today for engaging users and helping them prioritize key tasks, including canvas Power Apps apps. Now, you can also send push notifications to model-driven apps using Power Automate.

With our updated Power Apps Notifications connector, you can direct users straight to a specified page or section of your app – like the relevant entity view or form.

Model-driven app push notification demo

How does it work?

There are three steps to setting up push notifications for your model apps:

1) Go to Power Automate and create a new flow

Navigate to Power Automate and select Create on the left-hand side. Start from blank or a template to create a flow based on your needs.

2) Use any of the available connector triggers

Power Automate supports hundreds of pre-built connectors that can be used to trigger and provide dynamic data to the push notifications. You can use any of these triggers to send targeted push notifications to the desired set of users.

For this example screenshot below, we are using the Dataverse / Common Data Service (current environment) connector with the When a record is created, updated or deleted trigger so that we can notify the relevant user when a new record has been created.

3) Add the push notification action

The Power Apps Notifications V2 connector includes the Send a push notification V2 action. Add this action as a step in your flow and enter the necessary information to configure the push notification, using any of the dynamic data provided by earlier steps.

Configuration Fields for a model-driven app-

  • Mobile app: Select Power Apps.
  • Your app: The app that you want to set up the notification for.
  • Recipient Items: The desired set of recipients for the notification
  • Message: The notification message.
  • Open app: Whether to open the app or not when the user selects the notification.
  • Entity: Which entity the notification will open to.
  • Form or view: Which form or view on the entity the notification will open to.
  • Record ID: If the notification is for a form, this field determines which entity record the notification will open to.

In this screenshot, we are creating a push notification to the user whose email is on the created Account record with a message including the new account’s name. The push notification, when tapped on, will open the account record on the Form – Account form.

Try it yourself

These notifications work with the Power Apps mobile app that runs both canvas and model-driven apps – adding to the suite of capabilities bringing mobile model apps to life with a native look and feel, gesture support, updated animations, and interaction patterns that are intrinsic to mobile.

The same Power Automate connector can also be used in flows to create push notifications for the new Field Service (Dynamics 365) mobile app. To learn more about push notifications, read our documentation and please share any feedback on the Power Apps community forum.