PowerApps Canvas App Accessibility Guidelines

We are very pleased to announce our latest standards whitepaper – PowerApps canvas app accessibility guidelines!


Why did we write this white paper?

PowerApps embodies the idea of “democratization of developmentanyone in your organization can quickly and easily create a powerful app and share it broadly. But the app maker has an ethical, and sometimes legal, obligation to support “democratization of usage” as wellany user of your app must be able to use it as it was intended. 


Purpose of this white paper

Creating a canvas app is easy. Creating an accessible canvas app is also easy, but it’s helpful if the maker understands how accessibility is implemented in PowerApps. This white paper is for the enterprise application developer (maker) responsible for designing, building, testing, deploying, and maintaining PowerApps in a corporate or government environment. This white paper is a collaborative effort of the Microsoft PowerApps team, Microsoft IT, and industry professionals. Adherence to the guidelines and standards in this document will assist developers in making their PowerApps canvas apps accessible to all app users.



Aniket J Gaud, Krishna Chaitanya (Kc), and Snigdh Manasvi have built PowerApps used by tens of thousands of users within Microsoft. They have worked closely with Tah Wei Hoon from our controls team and Rema Gopinathan, Ruth Jacob, Aza Mathew, and Santhosh Sudhakaran from our Chennai citizen development team to document the best practices they have learned along the way.


Where do I get the white paper?

Download the PowerApps canvas app accessibility standards and guidelines whitepaper today!


Further reading

Please see our companion document on PowerApps canvas app coding standards and guidelines for more best practices.