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Using Azure ExpressRoute with Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute provides a way to connect your on-premises network to Microsoft cloud services with private connectivity. Although the name of the service is Azure ExpressRoute, it also supports private connectivity to services built on top of Microsoft Azure, such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Power Platform, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

For highly regulated industries such as banking, insurance, government, and public sector, there can be concerns about using publicly available platforms like Microsoft Power Platform, due to compliance needs if regulatory requirements state that sensitive data cannot be transferred over the public Internet.

Using Azure ExpressRoute for Microsoft Power Platform is one of the ways to address the issue, but there was no comprehensive documentation available until now.

Today, we published new guidance documentation: Overview of using Azure ExpressRoute with Microsoft Power Platform. This guidance helps you understand and set up ExpressRoute specifically for Power Platform. The documentation doesn’t just cover the set up process but also provides a holistic overview of the underlying infrastructure, as well as what you should take into consideration when deciding on and planning to implement ExpressRoute.
We hope the documentation will help you unlock scenarios that weren’t available before!

Watch the overview on Power CAT Live

Do you want to know more but still not sure if you are ready to read the entire docs contents? You can watch the overview on Power CAT Live!


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