Mine your business with Process and Task mining

How does your company perform fundamental operational processes such as Account Payable, Sales, Purchase to Pay, etc.? Are you trying to uncover insights on organizational goals such as cost, efficiency, or other business metrics? Could you uncover how these processes are run and optimize them without hiring consultants? In this blog we will explain what Process mining and Task mining are and how to use them to discover what is going on in your organization and how to improve your operational processes.

During your digital transformation journey at an enterprise level, you might wonder if you are tackling the correct processes to automate, or if you are setting up process automations in the most optimal way before starting.  Process mining and Task mining are technologies that provide visibility into how your operational processes look like, not what people guess they look like. With such knowledge, you can fully unlock the benefits of automation.

Process Mining: Identify company-wide bottlenecks and inefficiencies in main operational processes

Process mining uses event logs of key enterprise systems to reveal the steps and variations in completing a specific process. For example, if you use Dynamics apps to manage your Sales process, you could look for event logs from Dynamics for Sales to start with Process mining.

You can use Process mining to improve larger processes with a specific goal such as: Purchase to Pay, Inventory management, Account Receivable, etc…

Try analyzing an Account Payable process with sample data using Process advisor: process mining tutorial.

Task Mining: Discover possibilities for automation for individual workflows

Task mining can capture the user activity and interaction on the desktop. A user records their task using Power Automate Desktop and contributes such recording to the process analysis by Process Advisor. Multiple recordings can represent diverse ways people perform the same process, and Process Advisor analyzes them to synthesize an overall process map.

Some example of use cases for Task mining are tasks such as invoicing, data entry, getting a more granular analysis of activities within a process, and understanding how different applications are used so you can discover automation opportunities and improve efficiency of the process.

What’s next for you: Try out Process Advisor. Anyone can start a free trial!

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