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Version 2 of Azure Cognitive Services Translator is retiring on 24 May 2021

Azure Cognitive Services Translator version 2 was deprecated in May 2018, and is being retired after 3 years on 24 May 2021. If you are still using version 2, migrate to version 3 as soon as possible to avoid service disruption after 24 May 2021. Learn more in the retirement announcement in Azure updates.

Translator Adds Two Kurdish Dialects for Text Translation

Today, Microsoft Translator adds two Kurdish dialects, Northern and Central, to its list of text translation languages. Northern and Central Kurdish are available now, or will be available soon, in the Microsoft Translator app, Office, and Translator for Bing. You can also use Azure Cognitive Services Translator in your own applications, websites, and tools to add Northern and Central Kurdish….

Virtual Networks and Private Links for Translator are now generally available

A new security feature for the Translator service is now in generally availability: Virtual Network (VNet) capabilities for Translator, which can be used in conjunction with private links within your own virtual network. You can use VNet to treat Azure the same as you would your own datacenter, giving you an isolated and highly-secure environment to run your virtual machines….

Translator Adds Dari and Pashto Text Translation

Today, Microsoft Translator adds Dari and Pashto text translation. You can now translate Dari and Pashto to or from any of the more than 70 languages available in Translator. Dari and Pashto are available now, or will be available soon, in the Microsoft Translator app, Office, and Translator for Bing. You can also use Translator, an Azure Cognitive Service, to add Dari and Pashto text translation to your….

Odia Language Text Translation Is Now Available in Microsoft Translator

  Today, we are happy to announce that we have added Odia text translation to Microsoft Translator. Odia is available now, or will be available soon, in the Microsoft Translator app, Office, Translator for Bing, and through the Azure Cognitive Services Translator for businesses and developers. Odia is spoken by 35 million people in India and across the world. It joins Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi,….

Custom Translator v2 is now available: Introducing higher quality translations and regional data residency

Today, we are releasing Custom Translator version 2. The newest version of Custom Translator boasts higher quality customized translations than version 1 and allows you to keep your training data in the region of your choice, if desired, in order to meet your corporate data security, data privacy, and regulatory requirements. This upgrade to v2 will roll out in two….

Presentation Translator will be retired soon

The Presentation Translator add-in for PowerPoint is no longer available for download, beginning July 31, 2020. You can use the native translation features of PowerPoint to translate your slides and to add live captioning and subtitling to your presentations. If you have already downloaded Presentation Translator, the add-in will continue to work, however technical support and updates to the service….

No More Button Pushing—Microsoft Translator for iOS Adds Auto Mode for One on One Conversations

Translating one on one conversations just got even easier with the newest update to speech mode in Microsoft Translator for iOS. With Auto mode, there’s no more need to push the microphone button when it’s your turn to talk—just select the languages, turn on the mic, and start the conversation. The app will listen for the two languages and translate….

Applications using the Bing AppID authentication method will stop working in April 2021

If you are using a Bing AppID to access the Translator service, your authentication will no longer be valid after April 15, 2021 and your applications will no longer return translation results. The legacy Bing AppID has been deprecated since September, 2011. Current Azure security policies are more secure than the Bing AppID authentication method. Please transition your applications to….

Қазақ тілі, қош келдің! (Welcome, Kazakh!)

  Today we are happy to announce that in our ongoing mission to break down language barriers, we have added Kazakh to the Microsoft Translator family of languages. Known as Qazaqsha or Qazaq Tili, there are about 22 million Kazakh speakers in Kazakhstan, Western China, Western Mongolia, Southern Russia, and around the world. Kazakh is available now, or will be….

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