Want To Make Missions? 

If you've been enjoying flying the missions in Flight Simulator X and Acceleration, you may have had the thought, "I'd like to create some of these myself!"

If so, I encourage you to take the plunge. We're seeing more and more missions out there, both payware and freeware, and there's a big demand for more.

What do you need to get started?

Also be sure to check out the new "FSX Mission Editor" tool created by Jim Keir. It includes lots of features that make developing missions a much more pleasant experience. You can read all about it in Developer's Corner.

Two Web sites with great information for mission developers are FSXMission.com and FSDeveloper.com. You'll find forums filled with useful information, and fellow mission builders willing to answer your questions, help build custom content, and beta test your missions.

We're really proud of the missions we created for Flight Simulator X and Acceleration, but we always viewed the missions we shipped as just the beginning. Dazzle us!