Want a more Dynamic Government? With Microsoft Dynamics, you can provide services to citizens faster and more cost-effectively. You can empower your employees to be more proactive, while gaining the visibility and accountability your constituents demand.

Microsoft Dynamics helps government organizations at all levels, including:

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Government

Government management solution in the cloud

Microsoft delivers cloud-based solutions to US federal, state, and local government customers, helping leaders, policymakers, and those they serve achieve greater impact within their communities. With core case management functionality out of the box and a variety of built-for-government solutions available, organizations can focus on tailoring Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet their unique mission requirements. Since Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now available on the Microsoft cloud for government with Azure and Office 365, customers can have an unparalleled productivity experience, complete with single sign-on and the freedom to get work done from any device.

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Government administration

Government administration management software

Today governments and administrations need the right solutions to improve services to citizens while reducing the cost of operations. With a flexible, integrated solution for financial management and constituent relationship management from Microsoft Dynamics, governments achieve increased visibility, tighter internal controls, and the reporting tools that can cost-effectively help them stay a step ahead of compliance and administrative requirements.

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Dynamics CRM in government administration
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Public services

Public services solutions

As governments and administrations contend with the challenges of growing citizen service expectations and shrinking financial resources, they need new tools to promote citizen engagement and government responsiveness. With a consistent view of information—regardless of where it is stored—and well-defined processes that guide workers through tasks at each stage of the case life cycle, a case management solution can support a variety of cases and correspondence. An easy-to-use interface helps to streamline important tasks, such as grant writing, field inspections, permitting, licensing, and call center management.

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Public safety and justice

Public safety and justice solutions

Improve coordination between programs and agencies, and streamline public safety management with solutions to track offenders, manage incidents, investigate crimes, and respond to emergencies. Microsoft Dynamics provides solutions for correction management, case management, emergency and disaster response, crime prevention, and asset/fleet management.

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Defense and national security solutions

A powerful and flexible application framework can help you deliver defense and national security solutions that are easy to use and that leverage your current investment in Microsoft technologies, so you can more effectively manage your operations and provide real-time data and insights. Solutions include task management, logistics, intelligence gathering, case management, investigation, and threat management.

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What is CRM for government?

Citizen relationship management brings the power of customer relationship management (CRM) to government agencies. With CRM software, small and large e-governmental agencies can track and manage their constituents online, increase cost efficiency, securely manage data, and offer convenient services and transactions 24/7. These combined solutions can be tailored to your organizational needs to help build connections and increase citizen satisfaction.

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