Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy

Relax and recharge

Pillow talk

Sweet dreams in colour

  • No wires, no connectors

    Just lay your phone down on the charging pillow and it will be recharged wirelessly. That’s all you really need to know

  • Stylish and colorful

    Playful and stylish, co-branded with the Fatboy designer furniture brand, pillows are available in a choice of vibrant colors.

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The ultimate power nap

Your phone has had just as hard a day as you. So give it a well-earned, comfortable rest on this soft charging pillow. There’s no need to plug your phone in. Just lay it gently down and it will wake refreshed and recharged for the new day ahead.

Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow DT-901

The perfect match

Just as you match your sheets and pillowcases, you can now select a pillow from a choice of vibrant colors to complement your Nokia Lumia. Sweet dreams are made of less.

Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow DT-901


  • Dimensions

    • Length: 190 mm
    • Width: 140 mm
    • Thickness: 30 mm
    • Weight: 112 g
  • Connectivity

    • Wireless charger: Yes 
  • Power Management

    • Wireless charging standard: Qi 
  • Nokia DT-901 FRONT

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