June 23, 2014
Now OneDrive will come with 15 GB of storage free for everyone, 1 TB of storage with an Office 365 subscription and monthly storage prices are dropping by over 70 percent. With more storage on OneDrive you have all the room you need to store your photos, videos and documents in one place.


SkyDrive launches updated app for iOS 7
Nov. 21
SkyDrive is updating its iOS 7 app to include camera backup, improved Office integration, a brand new look and feel, and a new Facebook sharing experience.
'Xbox: Go to SkyDrive.'
Nov. 11
With the SkyDrive app in Xbox One, available on Nov. 22, your photos and videos will be brought to your TV for a seamless and beautiful viewing experience.
Neat integrates SkyDrive into NeatConnect
Oct. 15
Microsoft announced a partnership with Neat that will allow users to scan documents directly to SkyDrive from their NeatConnect scanner, enhancing integration between users’ hardware and the cloud.
SkyDrive and Windows 8.1
Oct. 17
Together with experts in the Windows team we set out to bring the best of all SkyDrive experiences to Windows.
Tips to shop smarter this holiday season
Nov. 18
We want you to spend more time merry-making rather than stressing. Here are a few helpful tips from Outlook.com, Internet Explorer, SkyDrive and Skype to help you shop smarter during the holidays.
SkyDrive for Windows 8.1 introduces smart files
Sept. 30
With SkyDrive in Windows 8.1, files get smarter with Bing-powered OCR and the ability to search for all files, even when they’re not on your hard drive.