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Improving security: the new imperative

Maintaining the safety and security of its information assets, including the private information of its citizenry, is an imperative for any government entity. A secure, interoperable, and efficient IT infrastructure, built on best practices for hardware, software, applications, and operations, provides the foundation for a connected, responsive government.

But the threats and challenges to security grow more sophisticated and determined each day. And the impacts of a security failure can be far reaching, affecting the very lives of citizens and the well-being of entire nations.

A systematic response to addressing risk

Microsoft developed the Government Security Program to help governments worldwide design, build, and maintain a more secure infrastructure. The information that the Government Security Program provides enables participating organizations to take a more proactive role in ensuring the security of their critical systems, providing better protection of data and services. Participants benefit from:

  • Direct access to source code for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office products.

  • Authoritative and prescriptive security guidance.

  • Detailed technical training provided by Microsoft security experts.

Minimizing security risks through proactive partnering

In addition to improving the security of their own infrastructure, participation in the Government Security Program provides government agencies with an opportunity to contribute to the development of better overall security solutions. Through the Government Systems Hardening initiative, agencies are invited to test new tools, assess prescriptive security guidance, and provide and share feedback, enabling Microsoft and other solution providers to maximize progress in addressing highest priority security risks. In a world in which systems are increasingly interconnected, this unique partnership supports a more secure environment for all.

Eligibility and participation

The Government Security Program is available to participants in more than 60 countries with intellectual property regimes that meet international standards. All participants must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Governments may read and reference the source code, but may not modify it.

  • The term of the agreement is three years.

  • After the licensing agreement is signed by both parties, the participating government gains access to the code through the Code Center Premium SSL-secured Web site.

  • The Code Center Premium site offers search-and-view functionality to augment the efficiency and value of source access.

  • All source code updates are provided by Microsoft through the Code Center Premium site.

Discover how government organizations can partner with Microsoft to help enable:

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