Let’s work together!

The essence of Microsoft Development Center Serbia is the work-life culture amenable to free-thinking and new ideas, with smart, amazing people who foster an environment of collaboration and fun. Our employees drive innovation beyond the horizon and contribute components to some of Microsoft’s premiere and most innovative products.

We operate as a start-up within a large company. The work environment is friendly and dynamic. Team members are some of the most talented engineers from the region. We are looking for folks with solid industry experience as well as fresh college graduates. The common trait among all of our team members is hunger to achieve and to make substantial impact. If you have an initiative, passion and technical skills we have a place for you at MDCS.

Our project areas vary. We develop components in the following domains: computational algebra engines, pattern recognition, object classification, computational geometry and core database systems. The common theme uniting all of the efforts within the development center is applied mathematics.

You will have an opportunity to collaborate with engineers from various development centers around the world (Redmond, Israel, India, Ireland and China). We frequently work with engineers considered to be industry experts in their respective fields. All of our projects have research dimension, therefore we collaborate with Microsoft researchers from Redmond, Cambridge and Asia. Many of our engineers have patent awards and present techniques at professional conferences. As part of the training, you will have an opportunity to spend time with your parent team in Seattle area.

We are constantly looking for exceptional people to join one of our teams - you are welcome to apply by sending your CV and cover letter to mdcsjobs@microsoft.com.

Hiring Process

As soon as you submit your CV, you will enter the MDCS hiring process. We will review all resumes and invite best applicants to a 4-hour written entrance test to determine their level of expertise in mathematics, algorithms, problem solving and coding, and overall software engineering skills. Testing is done entirely in English at our premises in Belgrade.

Top candidates will be invited to a set of face-to-face interviews at MDCS – you will typically need to allocate 5 hours of your time for this.

For Data Science related positions, the hiring process is similar – the only difference being the test, which consists of a small project (sent by e-mail) for which the candidates have two days to complete.