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Public safety and justice: Modernise the government workplace

Empower more secure inter-departmental and cross-agency collaboration and stay connected with your field-based personnel and remote staff.

Provide your employees with the secure team collaboration tools they need, everywhere they go

Learn how public safety and justice organisations are modernising the government workplace

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Belgian Federal Police

Build a more nimble police force that can protect and improve public safety from wherever they are. Give them access to information anywhere, anytime and on any device, using secure, mobile, digital-first police and law enforcement software.

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Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Empower firefighters with improved mobility, collaborative technologies and better data to save property and lives.

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Government of Uttar Pradesh

Efficiently and effectively scale to protect 220 million citizens with digital call centre and dispatch solutions for improved public safety communications.

Explore solutions that can help you modernise the government workplace

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