Student-centred learning

Meeting the needs of all of today's diverse learners and helping them build life skills has never been more important.

Learn to create inclusive classrooms to keep all students engaged.

In this engaging course series, you’ll learn how to empower your students with inclusive learning tools from Microsoft Education. From Immersive Reader to Reading Progress to Flip, you can help students of all abilities reach their full potential.

Tools for every learner from Microsoft Education

Get a quick overview of accessibility tools that support diverse learners facing any challenge, helping them build confidence, agency, and independence.

Accessibly guide for educators

Learn how to help every student—whatever their unique strengths and abilities—with these suggestions for free, built-in, non-stigmatizing resources and tools that can help every child be more confident and independent, in English and Spanish.

Accessible technology solutions for every classroom

Learn about the key trends and findings that emerged from the Microsoft Teacher Survey and what Microsoft is doing to support teachers and empower students by providing inclusive, accessible technology for K-12 learning environments.

Build an inclusive classroom

Drive improved learning outcomes with a student-centered approach that puts the needs of learners first. With inclusive classrooms, accessible tools, and technology that promotes fairness and collaboration, every student has the ability to participate and grow.

Prepare students for the future

Individualised instruction helps every student learn in their own way.

Enable access to powerful technology

Let students choose how to interact, build skills, and express their ideas with powerful tools and technology.

Provide educators with tools, training, and inspiration

Inspire and support educators with the training and professional development they need to gain the confidence in teaching with technology.

Case study

Teachers are confident the PLI and Microsoft technology have had a direct impact on student achievement. 'State testing has become increasingly rigorous in recent years. I got my test scores back, and students who didn't even come close to meeting standards in the past have met them this year. I believe this is a testament to the resources we're using.'

Heather DiFuria, a teacher at Jefferson Elementary School.

Products for every learning style

Engage and empower diverse learners with inclusive and accessible technology from Microsoft.

Microsoft Office 365 and Learning Tools

Improve reading, writing, and math for all learning styles with free Microsoft Learning Tools.


Microsoft Teams

Build collaborative classrooms and create personalised assignments and assessments for every learner.



Use the power of video-based social learning to empower and amplify every student's voice.


Try Immersive Reader with your own reading material

Accessibility features

Encourage inclusion and level the playing field with powerful accessibility features in Windows 11 and Office 365.

Professional development and training

Microsoft Learn Educator Center

The Microsoft Learn Educator Center offers online courses, certificates, and opportunities to earn professional development hours.

Accessibility courses for teachers

Understand accessibility tools

Take this course for detailed steps on using accessibility tools in your classroom.


Get accessible templates

Find accessible documents and free templates to make your classroom content more inclusive.


Empower every student

Empower students to utilize tools and academically unlock their full potential.