Learning about dyslexia provides an opportunity for educators to empower every learner

Explore our Dyslexia DecodEd Webinar Series to learn how you can support students with dyslexia succeed.

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Part 1: Navigating dyslexia

In part 1, we will address some of the common misconceptions and barriers with Dr. Sally Shaywitz, professor & co-director of Yale Center for Dyslexia and Author of Overcoming Dyslexia and Emily Hanford of American Public Media.

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Part 2: Learning differently with dyslexia

In part 2 of Dyslexia DecodEd, Hilderbrand Pelzer III joins us to explain the critical role literacy plays in educational achievement and beyond. Lauren Pittman and Mike Tholfsen will share strategies and technologies to support students in the classroom & home.

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Part 3: Decoding the future of dyslexia

In part 3, Kate Griggs, founder of Made by Dyslexia shares the vital role dyslexic thinking will play in the future and the importance of spotting & supporting young dyslexics. Kate will also explore the importance of dyslexics in a diverse workforce.

Immersive Reader is coming to more apps

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Training and support

Free training for educators & parents

Learn how to support your child with free, accessible Microsoft assistive technology to support classroom engagement of reading, writing, math and communication for students with learning differences

Made by Dyslexia resources

Explore free teacher and parent training materials available through the Microsoft Educator Community. These resources introduce educators to dyslexia and include specific materials that can help improve instruction.

Accessibility in Practice

Explore our course “Accessibility tools: Meeting the needs of diverse learners” to learn more about how you can leverage assistive technologies available to you in Windows 10 and Office to support student experiences in the classroom and at home.

Learning Tools

Microsoft Learning Tools are free tools that implement proven techniques to improve reading and writing for learners regardless of their age or ability.

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