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K-12 educators transitioning to remote learning

K-12 Educators

Find the tools and resources you need to make the move outside the classroom walls and into K-12 online teaching, whether teaching with technology is new to you or you’ve been doing it for years.

Transition to inclusive, K-12 online learning

Get the strategies, resources, and technology you need to quickly create an online classroom that supports every student—including free Microsoft Office 365 and free Microsoft Teams.

Remote teaching and learning success stories

Hear from K-12 educators and leaders around the globe about how they’re making the transition to inclusive online classrooms, meeting learning objectives by engaging their students.

Build your confidence in remote teaching and learning

With the right tools and resources, educators can be set up to successfully keep their students engaged.

Microsoft Learn Educator Center

Explore free courses, learning paths, resources, and lesson plans to help you master remote teaching and learning on a personalised hub created just for educators.

“You Can in :90” video series

See how-to videos featuring great tips and tricks from expert educators and students—all in less than 2 minutes.

Keep students engaged

Ensure students are deeply engaged and energised while learning remotely with free and simple tools that support a positive immersive learning experience.

Remote learning with Office 365

Get all the resources you need to move to a remote classroom with free and comprehensive Office 365, accessible on any device and anywhere students are learning—Windows is not required.