Student lifecycle and success management

Identify the best technologies to effectively manage the entire student lifecycle.

Student lifecycle management includes attracting students, relationship management, predictive analytics to improve learning outcomes,and management of marketing and institutional performance.

Microsoft and our partners offer solutions that help schools:

Improve student learning outcomes with predictive analytics Expand Collapse

Predictive analytics enable educators to identify and support at-risk students. Find solutions to:

  • Build reporting systems to identify and predict student performance
  • Provide customized support for students who need it
  • Improve learning outcomes and graduation rates

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Manage student recruitment and enrollment Expand Collapse

Attract students and effectively manage student learning from enrollment to graduation by providing efficient ways to:

  • Recruit, enroll, and retain students
  • Ensure students have the information they need across websites and social media
  • Utilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage the student population

Measure and enhance institutional performance Expand Collapse

Consolidate data and align metrics with your institution’s goals so you can:

  • Use data to make smarter decisions in real-time
  • Align your institution's objectives to individual and departmental performance
  • Foster a high-performance culture

Attract students with smart marketing Expand Collapse

During student recruitment and enrollment, schools can utilize social media to:

  • Attract and engage prospective students
  • Monitor marketing efforts
  • Analyze brand sentiments across students, parents, and alums

Download the eBook: Student lifecycle management

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