Protect organisations from identity compromise

Improve your identity management strategy

Evaluate your organisation’s identity and access management strategy using this Gartner report. Discover how solutions such as Azure Active Directory deliver sophisticated identity protection and privileged identity management for your cloud-based infrastructure.

Strengthen your response to cyberattacks

Get insights and best practices about cybersecurity response in the Incident Response: Getting the Upper Hand in the Cybercrime Fight webinar. Find out what happens in the critical minutes after the Microsoft Incident Response Team engages with a customer under cyberattack and improve your own organization’s response to cybercrime.

Rely on identity protection and security in the cloud

Get simple and secure access to any application on any cloud. Plus, benefit from on-premises and advanced identity protection with conditional access and multi-factor authentication.

Get comprehensive identity and access protection with Windows 10

Ensure strong multifactor authentication and help stop identity theft on any Windows 10 device using Windows Hello which enables biometric security with face and fingerprint recognition. Protect single sign-in tokens and prevent Pass the Hash attacks with Windows Defender Credential Guard.

Stay secure using any device

Find out how to stay secure and productive on mobile devices with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security. Safeguard data at the front door, secure data anywhere, and protect privileged and non-privileged credentials using identity and access management.

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