A person working inside a server farm which operates on 100% renewable energy.

Cloud Accelerator

The Cloud Accelerator Program by Microsoft is a series of targeted learning resources and experiences that provides guidance on how customers can increasingly take advantage of the benefits of cloud. Designed to help Indian enterprises and government organizations build cloud competencies and accelerate transition to cloud, this program has been designed to help in adoption of services such as Microsoft Azure, and transform business and governance in a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

As part of Cloud Accelerator, Microsoft has launched two cloud training programs - Azure Vidyapeeth and GunuVarta - to upskill our partners and enable them to help over 10,000 SMBs across 250 cities in moving to the cloud.

This program provides the resources that one needs in a logical progression. Each month of training builds on the foundations of knowledge and expertise shared in the previous month. These materials are targeted and specific, requiring limited time and effort from team members to gain proficiency in any given topic.