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Get AI-powered meeting summaries with Microsoft Teams Premium.

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Microsoft Teams Premium—the smart place to work

Make every meeting more intelligent, engaging, and protected with Teams Premium. Buy it for NZ$11.30 per person monthly (30 percent off the standard price).123

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Whether you’re meeting one-on-one, for a webinar, or for a virtual appointment, help make every meeting a perfect fit for your audience.

More intelligent

Use AI to focus on what matters most in every meeting.

More engaging

Create richer, personalized collaboration experiences for better business outcomes.

More protected

Collaborate more securely to meet your organization’s unique needs.

  • An animation showing AI notes for a recorded Teams Premium meeting.

    Work smarter with AI-powered meetings

    Stay focused on the meeting information that matters most with intelligent recap.

    Get a summary of every meeting

    Focus on the meeting discussion, not on taking notes, with AI-generated notes using GPT from OpenAI.4

    Keep up on action items with AI-generated tasks

    Quickly follow up with meeting attendees using AI-generated tasks and action items.

    Review content that’s most relevant to you

    Easily navigate meeting recordings with personalized timeline markers to find when your name was mentioned, when you joined or left, and when others spoke.

    A Teams Premium video call with seven participants, where the subtitles have been set to Chinese (simplified).

    Translate in real-time

    Support teamwork that spans geographies with the live translation of meeting captions and meeting transcripts.

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  • People in a meeting room participating in a Teams Premium video call being displayed on a large television on the wall.

    Create deeper engagements with personalized experiences

    Delight your audience with personalized meetings that embody your company brand.

    A person scheduling a client call using a meeting template in Teams Premium.

    Easily schedule the right type of meeting

    Meetings aren’t one size fits all. Choose from a variety of templates to automatically set up the right meeting.

    Teams attendance engagement graph

    See what resonates with your audience

    Take your meetings to the next level with post-meeting analytics showing how attendees engage with your content.

    Make meetings more fun and personal​

    Use AI to decorate your room for virtual meeting backgrounds, keeping the focus on the conversation, while making meetings more engaging and personal.

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  • A person standing at a kitchen island using a laptop.

    Help safeguard confidential information

    Apply advanced meeting protection to help avoid data leaks, enhance encryption, and automate meeting safety options.

    A laptop displaying a presentation with a watermark being shared over a Teams Premium meeting.

    Help deter leaks with watermarking

    Watermark shared content and video feeds to help prevent leaks and keep sensitive information inside meetings.

    A mobile screen showing a person waiting to join a video call.

    Increase confidentiality with more meeting options

    Designate who can record meetings and enable end-to-end encryption for online meetings that require a higher level of protection.

    A mobile phone displaying a presentation with sensitivity labels present on the content.

    Automate meeting protection with sensitivity labels

    Customers with a Microsoft 365 E5 subscription can apply sensitivity labels to automatically add meeting options that help protect information.

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  • A desktop display of a dashboard overview in Microsoft Teams admin center.

    Infuse your organization's standards into every interaction

    Ensure quality experiences with real-time meeting performance insights and advanced reporting. Customize organizational policies for safer, more effective collaboration.

    A desktop display of a post by Teams Admin Center in Microsoft Teams.

    Proactively monitor meeting quality using real-time telemetry

    Help admins quickly identify and resolve quality issues related to audio, video, and app sharing while the meeting is in progress.

    A person viewing their camera and microphone settings before joining a Teams Premium meeting on their laptop.

    Let your brand shine

    Infuse your brand into virtual meetings at every stage—from the meeting invitation, to the join page, and throughout the meeting—with organization backgrounds and organization together mode scenes.

    Empower your IT team with Advanced Collaboration Tools​

    Empower your IT team with Advanced Collaboration Tools​

    Help your IT admins provide a more secure and self-regulated environment with priority account chat controls and advanced collaboration analytics.

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  • A desktop display of walk-in and scheduled virtual appointments in Teams Premium and a mobile display of a virtual appointment being joined.

    Enable advanced Virtual Appointments for Teams Premium

    Turn on advanced personalized features that track business performance, manage queues, and help reduce no-shows.

    Mobile displays of text reminders about an appointment, a meeting lobby in Teams Premium, and a meeting in Teams Premium.

    Deliver seamless customer experiences

    Give customers a personalized end-to-end experience with pre-appointment SMS reminders, a branded lobby room, and a frictionless way to join by web browser.

    A list of walk-in and scheduled virtual appointments in Teams Premium.

    Get flexible scheduling and appointment management

    See a queue of scheduled and on-demand appointments in one location with pre-appointment chat capabilities.

    Analytics and insights for Virtual Appointments in Teams Premium.

    Improve outcomes with reports and analytics

    View aggregated appointment reports and trends, such as no-shows and wait times, to help drive better customer experiences.

    Three mobile displays of a user checking their audio and video settings, text reminders for an appointment, and a meeting lobby.

    Let clients easily join from a mobile browser

    Create a frictionless joining experience without requiring clients to download Teams to their mobile phones.

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  • A webinar being given over a Teams Premium meeting.

    Host advanced, high-quality webinars

    Engage any audience using advanced webinar functionality that automates communications and customizes presenter and attendee experiences.

    Form answers being viewed for a specific attendee of an event in Microsoft Teams.

    Streamline registration workflows

    Manage demand and registration capacity by enabling a waitlist and manual approval of registrants.

    A window showing an email in Microsoft Outlook with the email heading as congratulations, your seat is reserved

    Customize webinar communications

    Tailor your webinar communications to showcase your brand and foster a deeper connection with attendees.

    A green room in Teams Premium with two presenters prepping together.

    Present with ease using behind-the-scenes tools

    Join a virtual green room—a separate space for presenters—to stage content, socialize, prep, and respond to chats and Q&A with attendees.

    A webinar being presented over Teams Premium with minimal distractions showing for attendees.

    Keep attendees interested and focused

    Minimize distractions by curating and managing what attendees see on screen during webinars.

    A desktop display of a meeting engagement report in Teams Premium.

    Analyze attendee engagement

    View engagement analytics after the event ends to understand the success of your content and assess engagement signals.

    Maintain the privacy of attendees​

    Maintain the privacy of attendees​

    Protect the privacy of your attendees and reduce distractions by hiding attendee names.

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  • Deliver large-scale, professionally produced town halls​

    Deliver large-scale, professionally produced town halls​

    Create meaningful connections with your audience using advanced functionality in town halls.

    Increase audience capacity for a broader reach

    Increase audience capacity for a broader reach

    Connect with a broad audience of up to 20,000 attendees and host up to 50 events simultaneously for people inside and outside of your organization.

    Deliver a high-quality, seamless event experience

    Deliver a high-quality, seamless event experience

    Enhance network reliability, reduce network saturation, and deliver secure live streaming using the Microsoft enterprise content delivery network (eCDN).

    Tailor town hall communications​

    Tailor town hall communications​

    Customize town hall communications to attract attendees and follow up after the event​.

    Moderate the discussion and interact with attendees​

    Moderate the discussion and interact with attendees​

    Engage with up to 20,000 attendees through a structured Q&A experience​.

    Monitor event performance in real time​

    Monitor event performance in real time​

    View real-time usage analytics during a town hall to monitor and manage event performance.

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  • Five avatars interacting with each other laughing and talking in an immersive environment.

    Create custom 3D immersive experiences

    Design immersive experiences with Microsoft Mesh to elevate engagement at larger sized company events- such as for training and onboarding, tours, and internal showcases.

    An animation showing how to monitor meeting quality in a Teams Premium meeting.

    Built-in tools for creators

    Tailor immersive spaces to address the unique needs of your event without writing a line of code in — using the Mesh editor.

    View of Mesh toolkit being used to create a customized environment.

    Mesh toolkit for developers

    Build entirely custom immersive experiences— using Unity and the Mesh toolkit.

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A person working on a laptop at a table with colorful posters in the background

Sulava amplifies webinar reach and improves meeting security with Microsoft Teams Premium

"Teams Premium has been incredibly helpful across the business in different ways. Whether it’s for our webinars, custom branding, or advanced meeting protection, it’s helped us level up our meetings in so many different scenarios."

Vesa Nopanen, Principal Consultant for Metaverse and Future Work

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Frequently asked questions

  • Teams Premium is a new offering that builds on the current Teams experience with additional features that help make Teams meetings even more personalized, intelligent, and protected. It also enables premium capabilities for additional meeting scenarios, including Virtual Appointments and webinars.

  • Teams Premium is for organizations that want to get the most out of their virtual meetings by making them more personalized, intelligent, and protected. It is available as an add-on subscription for commercial, government, and nonprofit users licensed for Microsoft Teams.

  • Learn more about Teams Premium from the Teams blog. You may also sign up to stay informed about the latest Teams Premium news, updates, and announcements.

  • Users licensed for Microsoft Teams can start using basic virtual appointment capabilities today with Bookings. Get started by creating a Bookings schedule. Enhanced capabilities will become available at launch.

  • New webinar experiences in Teams Premium help deepen connections and engagement with internal and external audiences. Current webinar functionality includes registration for up to 1,000 attendees, a co-organizer role, interactivity with Q&A, attendee reporting, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 marketing compatibility. With Teams Premium, you’ll get advanced functionality, including a registration waitlist and manual approvals, automated reminder emails, a virtual green room for hosts and presenters, and controls to manage what attendees see.

  • Yes. To use Teams Premium, you’ll need to first own or subscribe to a paid version of Teams. Learn more.

  • Go to the support page for details.

  • Avatars and immersive spaces are available to use in Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscriptions that have a Teams license, or with a standalone offering of Teams Essentials for small and medium-sized business customers or Teams Enterprise for enterprise customers. Administrators enable avatars and immersive spaces in the Teams admin center. To get started with avatars in Teams, simply turn off the camera in any Teams meeting, and from the More menu, select Effects and avatars, then choose from your custom avatars. Immersive spaces in Teams is available in any Teams meeting. To join an immersive space, select the View menu and then select Immersive space (3D).  

    Mesh enables larger events and customization of immersive spaces, and is available with a Teams Premium license. End users access these experiences through the Mesh app, which is available to download for PC from the Microsoft Store or for Meta Quest devices from the App Lab.

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  • [1] Introductory pricing is available for the entire term of your initial subscription (except for some month-to-month and some three-year subscriptions). Pricing may depend on the term of your subscription. This offer ends June 30, 2024, and is available worldwide to commercial (including worldwide commercial public sector), nonprofit (standard discounting applies), and Government Cloud Community (GCC) organizations (GCC feature availability may vary). The offer may not be combined with any other offer. Microsoft reserves the right to cancel, change, or suspend this introductory pricing at any time without notice. Listed pricing may vary due to currency, country, and regional variant factors. Your actual price will be reflected at checkout. Contact your Microsoft sales representative to learn more.
  • [2] Once your paid subscription begins, cancellation policies vary based on your status as a new customer, product, and domain selections on Microsoft. Learn more. Cancel your Microsoft 365 subscription any time by going to the Microsoft 365 admin center. When a subscription is canceled, all associated data will be deleted. Learn more about data retention, deletion, and destruction in Microsoft 365.
  • [3] Your free trial of 25 licenses will automatically end after 30 days.
  • [4] This feature is currently only available in English.
  • [5] Forrester Consulting, New Technology: The Projected Total Economic Impact™ Of Microsoft Teams Premium, commissioned by Microsoft, July 2023.

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