Manage group tasks

Create shared to-do lists in any group chat and manage tasks big and small together. Add new items to a list, assign tasks to others, set due dates, and check off completed items.

Desktop and mobile views of a shared to-do list in Teams.
A mobile view of a group chat in Teams with shared photos and a task list.

Convert messages into tasks

Instantly convert a message in a group chat to a task item2 and assign it to an existing task list.

Create polls

Easily create and post polls1 in any chat and get everyone’s responses in real time.

A mobile view of a poll and the results in Teams.
A family sharing Excel files and photos in a group chat in Teams.

Share files

Easily share and store files, web links, photos, and videos in your group chats. All shared content is automatically organized in dashboard2, so everything is always at your fingertips.

Schedule group calls

Schedule your group’s next get together directly from chats2. The meeting link appears in the group chat2 and in the dashboard2 view so everyone knows when the next catch-up is happening.

A scheduled group call in Teams.

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1. Polls feature is coming soon.
2. Available on iOS and Android mobile devices only.