Supporting the Legal and Compliance Community


Supporting the Legal and Compliance Community

Asia-Pacific is in the midst of a transformation powered by cloud technologies. Organizations across all industries, from financial services and healthcare to education and the public sector, are reaping the benefits of the cloud to improve their operations and enhance their services.

With companies rapidly shifting from on-premises technology infrastructure to cloud computing, legal and compliance professionals find themselves facing new questions from their organizations: Can we move to the cloud in our industry? What are the compliance requirements? What industry security standards do we need to think about? What should we look out for in our cloud services contract? These are just some of the questions that today's legal and compliance professionals are expected to master and explain to their boards.

Through its long-standing relationship with the legal and compliance community, Microsoft has developed a wealth of resources on the key regulatory and compliance considerations associated with cloud computing. We are delighted to share these resources with you via this guide as part of our commitment to supporting the legal and compliance community and ensuring trust and compliance in the cloud.


About Microsoft's Trusted Cloud

To ensure we deliver technology that our customers can trust, we established the four foundational principles of the Trusted Cloud - security, privacy and control, compliance and transparency – along with a set of complementary guidelines and processes for delivering rigorous levels of engineering, legal, and compliance support for our cloud services.


The four foundational principles of the Trusted Cloud are:

This guide is not intended to be a comprehensive analysis of all regulations and their requirements, nor is it legal advice; rather it is intended to be a summary and to provide guidance to organizations on the types of issues they should consider. You should take advice on your cloud project from a qualified professional.