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Accessibility tips

Answer your questions with AI

Ask Microsoft Accessibility is a Bing AI-powered tool that can help you find information about the accessibility of Microsoft products and services.

Explore accessibility in Microsoft products and apps

View accessibility resources, tools, and educational materials for Microsoft products and apps in the Accessibility help and learning center.

Accessibility by disability

We have products and features that are right for you. Find accessible products and tools based on your needs.

Microsoft Accessibility on YouTube

Learn more about accessibility concepts, technology, and terminology, including how to contribute to a more accessible environment for others around you.
Collage of a variety of individuals with various disabilities interacting with others and using technology
Kassie and Matthew from the video sit at their computers as Kassie signs.

American Sign Language support

We offer American Sign Language (ASL) support through videophone to help our customers with any Windows, Office, and Xbox issues. Support by videophone is available from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time.

Contact us for more support

We want to get you the support you need for Microsoft Windows, Office, Xbox, and Skype. We can also help answer questions related to your Microsoft account and billing. Just select the appropriate tab below to get started.

Windows and Office accessibility support

Adaptive accessories support

Get help to set up and use your Microsoft Adaptive Mouse, Hub and Buttons Accessories. (For help with your Xbox Adaptive Controller go to “Xbox accessibility”).

Xbox support

Microsoft account support

Please be aware that the Disability Answer Desk is not able to assist with account-related issues. For assistance accessing your Microsoft account, please fill out the Account Security Recovery Form. For other account and billing questions, contact Accounts & billing.

Skype support

For assistance with Skype issues, visit Skype support.

Surface support

For assistance with Surface issues, visit Surface support.
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Enterprise support

If you have enterprise-related questions, contact Commercial support. For questions about accessibility with enterprise or commercial products, please visit the enterprise Disability Answer Desk.