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    ActiveSync 4.5

    Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 is the latest sync software release for Windows Mobile-powered devices. ActiveSync provides a great synchronization experience with Windows®-powered PCs and Microsoft Outlook right out of the box. Note: Microsoft ActiveSync works only with Windows XP SP2 or earlier.

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    Office Older version

    Office app is now available on Android!

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    Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Standard Software Development Kits Refresh

    The Windows Mobile 6 SDK Refresh adds documentation, sample code, header and library files, emulator images and tools to Visual Studio that let you build applications for Windows Mobile 6.

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    Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1: Upgrade for Microsoft Office 2007 file formats

    Office Mobile 6.1 is an upgrade to Office Mobile applications on Windows Mobile. The new upgrade supports the new Office 2007 file formats.

  5. 05

    Windows Mobile 6 Localized Emulator Images

    This package includes localized Windows Mobile 6 emulator images that can be used with Visual Studio to test applications on different localizations or simply as standalone emulators without Visual Studio.

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