Pushing the limits of what AI can do in accessibility

We are advocates of people with disabilities - committed to influencing the future of technology to ensure global independence and inclusion in society in four areas of focus: Home, community, education, and employment.

  • Improving inclusive mental healthcare for Black communities

    How can we create more equitable outcomes in mental health and AI? Experts across disciplines are collaborating to better understand the challenges of AI-powered mental health technologies. Learn how we can address societal bias in mental health applications, data sets, and AI systems.

  • Workshop on mental health, societal bias, and Black communities

    Microsoft AI for Accessibility invited experts in mental health, data science, AI, and Black communities to a workshop addressing how societal bias impacts equitable access to mental health care and technology. Watch workshop sessions to learn from the latest research and ideas for improving inclusive mental health solutions.

    Watch the workshop sessions

Accessibility resources

Check out some of the latest inclusive developments and accessibility tools used to empower people.