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Office App Compatibility Kit

The Office App Compatibility Kit is a tool to check your app before submission to the Apps for Office Store.

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    Office App Compatibility

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    Use the Office App Compatibility Kit to check your app before you submit it to the Apps for Office Store. It will help you identify and resolve validation failures that commonly lead to app resubmissions, which can save you time in getting your app approved and available to customers.
  • Supported Operating Systems

    Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012

    .NET Framework 4.5

    Additional Requirements
    • If testing SharePoint apps, enough disk space to extract the app package is required.
    • Please note that internet access is required to run certain tests (such as icon URL validity). However, the offline tests will always run where possible.
    1. Download the compressed directory from this page.
    2. Extract the directory to your hard disk.
    3. Launch the Microsoft.Oack.Console application.
    4. In the console window that opens, type run [path to your .xml (manifest) or .app file]
    5. Press return and review the output produced.

    You can also launch the application directly from the command prompt by typing, for example: oack.exe run
    If you wish to include the tool in an automated build process or similar, you can use the included Microsoft.Oack.dll
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