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ERP on Your Terms: Ten questions to ask that can help you find the right solution and turn your business vision into reality.

Choosing the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is an important decision. Your ERP solution is the backbone of your business-and making the right choice can mean the difference between winning against the competition or becoming obsolete. So it’s imperative to ask the right questions in your evaluation. During the past several weeks, we’ve published a blog series to help guide you through a few of the questions you should be asking as you review potential ERP vendors. If you missed any of the postings or you would like to have a summary of the topics, here are the 10 questions we’ve urged you to answer carefully and thoroughly before making your choice.

1. Will the ERP solution fit the way we work, or will we need to change our processes to make it work?

2. Does the solution offer the flexibility to deploy both on-premises and in the cloud, or in some combination of each?

3. What deployment model is best for my business?

4. How does the solution support integration with other line-of-business applications?

5. Will the ERP solution help maximize our investments in the Microsoft technology platform and Microsoft Office productivity tools?

6. Does the solution offer a predictable cost model?

7. How stable is the vendor, and do they understand and serve customers like me?

8. What is the vendor’s product roadmap, and what R&D investments are they making to deliver ongoing innovation and value?

9. What is the vendor’s customer churn rate and reputation for service after the sale?

10. Will the ERP solution help drive and support our growth aspirations?

Why Microsoft Dynamics ERP?

Microsoft Dynamics ERP has offered proven solutions for customers like you for more than 25 years, delivering capabilities that fit the way you work-so you won’t have to change the way you do business. Deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid approach-whatever makes the most sense for you. Integrate your vital line-of-business applications quickly and easily, and enjoy the freedom to choose among a wide range of third-party software that runs on the Microsoft technology platform. Get more value out of the other Microsoft products you already use because Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions work like and with them. Manage ERP cost predictability through cloud-based deployment options, user-based licensing, and by working with Microsoft partners who offer fixed-scope deployments and ongoing local service after the sale. Microsoft financial stability, clear technology vision, documented product roadmaps, deep global experience with companies of all sizes in a broad range of industries, and our strong post-sale support programs allow you to plan your own technology future with insight and confidence.

We can also point with pride to thousands of real-life customers around the word who are turning their business vision into reality with help from Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.

Taking the Next Step

We hope you have found this blog series helpful as you evaluate your ERP options. To learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics ERP can help you turn your business vision into reality, we invite you to register for the following webcasts:

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And you can learn more about Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions for small and midsize businesses or find out about special pricing currently available to help you get up and running quickly and affordably.

Thanks for joining us during the past 10 weeks!

Jen Dorsey