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Microsoft focus on compliance and agility for Government Contractors – Part 3 of 3

This is part three of a three part series that began with a discussion of our impetus for change, followed with a look at where we are today, and concludes here with a forward-looking perspective.

Where we are going

As discussed in our ad in the June edition of Service Contractor magazine, and at more length on our landing page (URL), we formed the Microsoft GovCon Alliance to apply a new level of rigor to our engagement in the government contractor market, across our products, partner relationships and customer audiences. Alliance members and associates successfully deliver Microsoft Dynamics solutions that help customers pass DCAA audits, elevate project management and accounting capabilities, and improve capture management processes. Through the Alliance, government contractors can access solution providers that strike a better balance between the regulatory mandate for compliance and the business imperative for flexibility and agility.

To participate in the alliance, partners must demonstrate existing engagement with and service to government contracting businesses and achieve year-over-year growth in the number of customers they serve and thus in their investment in market-specific competencies and capabilities. Indeed, a number of our participants have decades of experience serving government contractors. The business value to customers of working with focused and committed service providers is very real as it feeds the flywheel of progress and innovation with every turn.

The alliance helps Microsoft take a more holistic approach to the market. While a considerable part of this blog addressed Microsoft Dynamics AX in government contracting –– the alliance addresses all Microsoft Dynamics products across government contractor industries and market segments. We recognize the need for more robust capture management solutions that tie directly into our project estimation and management applications – and the need to do so for services organizations as well and general contractors and manufacturing businesses, big and small. We acknowledge that one size does not fit all and that we need to calibrate a range of solutions to fit the diversity of contactor organizations serving the federal government, making it easier for buyers to understand the options available to them. That’s essential to help customers achieve Compliance and Agility.

And because change must be continuous, the alliance will actively include customers in periodic meetings, events and solution reviews. Without the voice of the customer, compliance AND agility will succumb to “compliance OR agility” thinking. Now more than ever, in an age of constrained agency spending and elevated provider competition, government contractors need to see evidence of continuous innovation from their strategic providers.

To learn more

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