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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: Workflow Basic Settings Form Has Missing Text Boxes

When trying to create a new workflow configuration, you may find that text boxes are missing from the Properties form when you try to modify the basic settings. You are therefore unable to create a valid workflow configuration as you cannot input text for the submission instructions and other mandatory fields.

(Screenshot showing Properties form with submission instructions text box missing)

You will see errors similar to those in the screenshot below, stating that text must be defined in the default language before the workflow is valid.

The issue of the missing text boxes will occur if there is a problem with the default language. You will need to correct this and ensure you have selected a valid language ID, for which a licence exists in your system.
The default language is defined in one of two places and this depends on whether you’re creating an organization-wide workflow, or a company-specific workflow.

For Organization-wide workflows – navigate to System Administration > Setup > System parameters and check the System Language.

For Company-specific workflows – navigate to Organization Administration > Setup > Organization > Legal Entities and check the Language field: