Stay ahead and see what's next

With Microsoft Dynamics, you can see what’s going on in your workplace in real time. Not only will you be able to recognize your opportunities, but you’ll also know how to capitalize on them.

  • Identify where sales are headed and how inventory stacks up.
  • Help predict trends and avoid pitfalls.
  • Understand profit projections and be ready to react.
  • Determine when to add products or services.
Software for business intelligence

We have solutions

Turn information into action through business intelligence reporting capabilities, as well as the tools you need for data gathering, analysis, monitoring, and forecasting – which can help to identify opportunities, minimize risk, and improve management insight. Learn more about the business intelligence capabilities available in Microsoft Dynamics:

• Insights for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, powered by InsideView: Find better prospects and new opportunities with real-time contact data, news alerts, and company insights. Your data records stay clean, thanks to features such as one-click sync, which ensures that your sales team always has current information.

• Sales analytics: Sales analytics help confirm the best sales opportunities, and you can see where your strengths and weaknesses lie—information that can help you to create sales techniques. You’ll be able to measure many different parts of the sales process against one another, enabling you to pinpoint opportunities and showing you how to approach them. 

• Power BI: Transform your company’s data into rich visuals to collect and organize, so you can focus on what matters most. Use Microsoft Power BI reporting tools to see risks and find opportunities at a glance so you can stay in the know, spot trends as they happen, and push your business further.

Put the right information in the right hands

Personalized dashboards are designed specifically for individual roles, so employees get the information most relevant to them. With Microsoft Dynamics, you’ll have all the business intelligence data you need at your fingertips—and you’ll receive insights and information via the devices you use every day, which enables you to make smarter decisions faster.

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