Be a dynamic human resources professional

People. They're the emotional, the inspirational, the sometimes confrontational, and the always human piece of human resources. Our vision is to enable the Dynamic HR professional to be more strategic, help drive employee and organizational development focus, and enable a more empowered and connected workforce.

Get started with human resources capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Manage talent

Microsoft Dynamics allows you to recruit top talent, by posting job openings both internally and externally, and to share applicants across the enterprise, providing a powerful tool for any recruiter.

Utilize mapping capabilities to match internal and external candidates against your desired competencies and qualifications. Create fixed and variable compensation plans, which grade, band, and step compensation structures. You can even initiate a pay-for-performance structure and compensate employees based on personal and organizational performance goals, all within one solution.

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Drive HR impact

How do you evolve a forward-thinking HR program? Using Microsoft Dynamics AX capabilities, you can maintain hierarchical, matrix, and team-based organizational structures over time.

Retain employment history, track injuries and illnesses, record education, skills, certificates, tests, courses, and work experiences, and track loaned equipment. Engage the most talented employees by giving them online access to apply for jobs, maintain performance goals, register for courses, enter and approve absences and expenses, and more.

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Inspire collaboration

Manage access to sensitive employee data, and preserve and retain employee histories—all from a single source of data. With role-tailored information at your fingertips, operate role centers for HR managers, staffing managers, and training/development managers.

The human resources software from Microsoft Dynamics allows you to use the Microsoft tools your team already understands—Outlook, SharePoint, Lync, and Yammer—to bring people together and allow instant and effortless connection.

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