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Introducing Our New Windows 11 Device Portfolio for Education

Learn about the new Windows 11 SE devices collection from Microsoft Education. Explore the latest on devices for education for students in any learning environment.

As we enter the third year of the pandemic, we continue to see many bright spots of innovation and perseverance in today’s education landscape. While we recognize the value technology brings in helping address the complex challenges of today, we know that the needs of students, educators, and schools continue to evolve. Students deserve robust and accessible tools that help accelerate their learning and growth. Educators deserve technology that effectively helps inform differentiated instruction and allows more time to focus on supporting student learning and development. Schools deserve high-quality solutions and devices for education that are affordable and secure.

In November, we hosted Microsoft Reimagine, where we shared with the world new technology that can empower educators and unlock new possibilities for all learners. We announced a new edition of Windows 11—Windows 11 SE—and an ecosystem of devices coming from Microsoft and our OEM partners, including the new Surface Laptop SE.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that Windows 11 SE devices are becoming available to order through education channels.. This portfolio includes the Surface Laptop SE and new Windows 11 Pro EDU as well as Windows 11 SE devices, starting at $249, from our partners at Acer, ASUS, Dell, Dynabook, Fujitsu, HP, JP-IK, Lenovo and Positivo—powered by Intel and AMD. This is our largest collection of purpose-built software and devices for K-12 education ever, demonstrating our commitment to addressing the current and future needs of students, educators, and schools. You can learn more in this blog post about our partner devices being announced today.

Windows 11 SE devices complement our broader portfolio of Windows 11 devices for education. They provide even more choices for schools to have the tools, insights, and controls they need to deliver optimal learning experiences, at a price that broadens access to Microsoft performance, security, and reliability. With the Windows 11 ecosystem and Microsoft 3651, applications are accessible both online and offline, allowing all students access to the best opportunities to learn from anywhere. These apps include built-in features and tools that prioritize inclusive learning, such as Reading Progress, Education Insights, Immersive Reader and Microsoft Translator. In addition to these first-party experiences designed for learning, Windows 11 devices for education offer support for third-party apps to ensure educators, students, and schools can stay productive with the tools that work best for them.

As we deliver new Windows 11 experiences for education, including this expanded device portfolio from our partners, we remain committed to building products that ensure all students have access to the tools and support needed to unlock new possibilities and thrive within and beyond the classroom.

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