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Meet Microsoft’s Global Training Partners

At Microsoft, we partner with the top companies around the world to train educators on expanding innovation and the integration of technology within schools to improve student outcomes.

At Microsoft, we partner with the top companies around the world to train educators on expanding innovation and the integration of technology within schools to improve student outcomes.

Focused on pedagogy, our Global Training Partners deliver in-depth learning experiences aligned to the Education Transformation Framework on behalf of Microsoft. Training partners engage with education leaders, faculty, educators, and students to deliver consulting services, assessment, professional development, and enrichment programs that support digital transformation from planning to implementation.

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How can Global Training Partners support back to school?

At the start of a new school year, professional development is critical for a smooth and successful year. Global training partners can support getting all educators up to speed—or to expert status—on the technology used in their schools. By having all educators proficient in the technology ecosystem, districts can run more effectively and efficiently—no more questions of “where do I find that?” or ”how do I do this?”

Not only can Global Training Partners help train educators to manage their classrooms more proficiently, they can create expert innovators who use Microsoft classroom solutions to meet the curiosity and needs of today’s learners.

Interested in starting a Minecraft club in your school? A GTP can coach you through that! Or moving to Teams and OneNote? We have partners that are experts in helping you migrate and implement those tools.

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What does working with a Global Training Partner look like?

When engaging with a Global Training Partner, the training is customized to your school’s needs. It could be a three-hour professional development session on Minecraft, or a multi-month or year partnership to support your school or school system as they deploy Microsoft Education solutions.

Professional development can be online or in-person, with hands-on support.

Our Global Training Partners in Action

i2e, a Microsoft Global Training Partner, recruits classroom educators and technology coordinators to bring hands-on professional development to school districts across the country. Founded by teachers for teachers, i2e EDU helps schools advance their edtech initiatives and launch game-based esports programs through in-person and online trading events.

Recently, i2e completed a 2-day training academy on Windows and Microsoft Teams with Las Cruces School District in New Mexico. The school staff provided great feedback:

  • “The instructors were clear and precise. They took time to make sure everyone was on task and understanding the material being presented.” 
  • “Very informative and the instructors were extremely helpful and easy to approach.”
  • “Loved having an elementary educator teaching us how to use these tools. It felt very relevant and she was easy to understand and follow.”
  • “Everyone was great and understood classroom needs and solutions that could be found by using the programs.”

Interested in connecting with a Global Training Partner?

Get started by finding a Global Training Partner in your area. Visit the Find a Training Partner page to browse our list of partners, and filter by audience, topics, and country. Reach out to the partner that fits your needs best!

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