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Education Global Training Partners

What is the Microsoft Global Training Partner Program?

Research shows that innovation and technology in education are key factors that lead students to be future-ready. Every year, the Microsoft Global Training Partner (GTP) program connects Training Partners to thousands of education leaders, educators, and faculty throughout the world – helping them to best leverage technology for teaching and learning, no matter where they are.

To ensure all professional development (PD) sessions are consistent, all Global Training Partners have undergone an official Microsoft training program enabling them to deliver in-depth learning experiences aligned to the Education Transformation Framework on behalf of Microsoft. This engagement is highly advisable for any EdTech project and ensures that your investment into technology acquisition is complimented by upskilling adult learners in your organization, and ensures your students and educators have everything they need to excel.

The network of Global Training Partners offers professional development experiences in one or several of the 5 following areas:

Education Transformation Framework
Modern Classroom Teacher Academies
Future-Ready Skills and Industry Certifications
Minecraft Education
Hacking STEM

Find a Global Training Partner in your region today and tailor your PD strategy to host the type of development experiences you, your leaders, staff and educators need most.

Why does Microsoft deliver trainings through partners?

We recognize that the needs of our customers are very diverse. In order to reach all geographical areas, remain relevant to local curriculum, and ensure local language capacity of trainers, Microsoft counts on its Global Training Partners to work on its behalf and scale the program. This is done to transform education institutions everywhere while using localized materials made specifically for your region.

What are the program benefits?

Global professional development made local
All GTP PD sessions can be completely tailored to ensure your educators are focusing on the right things. Connect with a partner to share more background about technical and pedagogical set-up of your institution to customize your experience. Trainings are typically held in your country’s native language.

Complimentary online learning
All GTP professional development sessions can be blended with or complimented by free trainings and resources made available for all on the Microsoft Educator Center (MEC) - personalized hub created for educators. MEC also provides badges and certificates for those completing PD sessions.

Access to Latest 21st Century Skills Pedagogy
Research shows that recent advancements in technology such as automation and AI will affect tasks in virtually all occupational groups in the future. Ensure your students are prepared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution by providing them with the future-ready skills they need to succeed.

How do I find a Global Training Partner?

Visit the Global Training Partner finder.