Counterfeit Software Report

Microsoft is interested to hear from customers who may have inadvertently purchased suspect counterfeit Microsoft software. 
Please tell us about your experience.

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What information is collected?
Within this report, you will be asked for information about the suspect counterfeit software you are reporting, including details about where it was purchased or offered and some optional personal information.

What does Microsoft do with the information collected?
We may use the information you provide to investigate and take appropriate action against businesses who sell counterfeit software. We may contact you about your submission to follow up on specific details; however, we will not contact you for general marketing purposes.
Microsoft is committed to protecting your privacy. You may read the Microsoft Privacy Statement if you would like more information on how we protect customer information.

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    The counterfeit CD or DVD shipped with your PC along with any additional software packaging

    The 5x5 product key, if this was requested when submitting your counterfeit report

    The purchase receipt of the software or computer, including the date of purchase, name and address of the seller