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A girl smiling and working on her laptop

Inclusive Tech Lab

We are committed to practicing inclusive design and strive to demonstrate what is possible when you intentionally include people with disabilities.
Solomon Romney in the Inclusive Tech Lab

Inside the Inclusive Tech Lab

Join us for a quick tour through the Inclusive Tech Lab at Microsoft. In it we highlight the intentionally inclusive features of the facility.

Our vision and philosophy

Live, work, play, learn

The Inclusive Tech Lab is a Microsoft space dedicated to inclusive modern life and education, accessible productivity, and gaming for people with disabilities. Our facility is for people with disabilities, not about people with disabilities. Crafted to be an expression of Microsoft’s commitment to the disability community.
A man listening to music on his headphones while working on his tablet.
A smiling man sitting in his wheelchair outside the Inclusive Tech Lab

Our progress

We've hosted over 8,000 visitors and introduced them to our Microsoft Inclusive Design methods via informative tours, collaborative workshops, and inclusive design sprints. We strive to encourage designers and engineers to intentionally include people with disabilities in the products, services, and games they create.


Inside the Inclusive Tech Lab

In a colorful cascade of fiber optic lights, a man holds his daughter, a small for her age 4-year-old disabled girl with craniofacial differences. She uses a hearing-aid and breathes using a ventilator.

Designing accessibility

The facility is crafted so people with disabilities can explore assistive and adaptive technologies, inclusively designed products, and sensory experiences.


We rely on and value our partners as we strive to live up to the ideal of, “nothing about us, without us.”
A group of people collaborating at the Inclusive Tech Lab.

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