Getting started

Software Assurance at a glance

A short overview of the advantages of Software Assurance.


Software Assurance benefits chart

An overview of Software Assurance benefits as well as basic eligibility information.


Software Assurance benefits chart for academic programs

An overview of Software Assurance benefits for academic customers.


Software Assurance program guide

Details about Software Assurance and the broad set of benefits.


Frequently asked questions

More information about getting Software Assurance, activating your benefits, and details on individual benefits.


Microsoft Product Terms

View Software Assurance eligibility and benefits information.

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Using your benefits

Volume Licensing Service Center Software Assurance Guide

Help for activating and using your benefits.


License Mobility verification guide

Step-by-step instructions on verifying your use of License Mobility through an authorized partner.


License Verification form for License Mobility

Form to complete to confirm use of License Mobility. Find and select "License Verification" in the “Document Type” box.

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Benefit-specific resources

Flexible Virtualization Benefit Guide

Guidance on using the Flexible Virtualization benefit.


License Mobility overview

Short overview of License Mobility features and benefits.


License Mobility program guide

Details about License Mobility.

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