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Here are some tips for managing your relationships online:

Stay in touch

The internet is a great tool to stay in touch with people over long distances, like cousins on another coast or friends studying abroad.

Be nice

Be nice to people, even if everyone else is being mean to them. Bullying is not cool in real life, or online.

Protect your identity, security, and privacy

Whether you meet a new person in real life or online, strive to be safe. Protect your identity, security, and privacy, and always tell someone you trust about a new person you meet online.

You have the right to say “no”

Remember you always have the right to say “no”, to cut off contact, or to report anyone who is bothering you online.

Did you know?

  • 16,300 years

    Estimated time lost while repairing damage to online personal reputations in 2013

  • $4.6 billion

    Estimated amount lost worldwide due to damaged professional reputations

  • Less than 20%

    Percentage of respondents who have taken active steps to edit or remove online information that might impact their reputations

  • Only 31%

    Percentage of those surveyed who take time to protect their reputations online

  • $1.4 billion

    Estimated worldwide financial losses while repairing online damage to personal reputations in 2013

What potential online risks concern you the most?

  • 28% Financial loss
  • 17% Finding spyware, adware, or other tracking software on my devices
  • 12% Loss of personal privacy
  • 10% Online information damaging relationships with family/friends
  • 8% Loss of job due to tarnished online reputation
  • 9% Poor performance of computer
  • 6% Being bullied or harassed online
  • 6% Data loss
  • 5% I do not have concerns about going online

What is the greatest benefit the internet has brought to your life?

  • 40% Learning
  • 16% Socializing
  • 14% Exploring
  • 14% Entertainment
  • 7% Conducting business
  • 9% Other

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