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Announcing General Availability for Shared Device Mode for Power Apps on Android

Today, we are excited to announce the General Availability of Shared Device Mode (SDM) for Power Apps Mobile App on shared Android devices, joining the portfolio of apps including Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Edge, Viva Engage (previously Yammer) and Managed Home Screen.  

Microsoft apps supported for Shared Device Mode (SDM)

Shared Device Mode

Microsoft’s Shared Device Mode (SDM) allows frontline workers to sign in or out of Power Apps and other Microsoft products in a single step, providing convenience, efficiency, and security for workers who frequently hand off shared devices. (e.g. on shift change).  

This feature is particularly useful for industries like retail, healthcare and manufacturing where multiple users share devices, often within a shift with tight time constraints. When Power Apps users have finished with their shift or task, they can sign out once and they will be immediately signed out of all supported apps and the device will be ready for the next employee to use. The simplicity of this flow improves frontline workers’ experience and operational efficiency. This feature is available beginning with the 3.23052.18 version of Power Apps. 

Intune Application Protection Policies

When used with Intune’s Application Protection Policies, administrators can provide additional data protection so that other parts of the device do not leave data behind. User needs to be on 6.2304.2829 or later version of Microsoft Authenticator app for Intune’s Application Protection Policies to take effect.

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