Announcing Public Preview for Power Platform App Install API & Tools Support

We are pleased to announce the Public Preview of Power Platform Application Install API!

This capability enables automation of install and update experiences that are offered only through the Power Platform Admin Center experience today. Installs can also be automated for applications available from AppSource provided at least one such install of the said application has been made to another environment within the tenant.

This public API and tools support opens the possibility for Admins and developers to install applications as part of CI/CD automated processes using their tool of choice. We have enabled this capability directly from Power Platform CLI to ease the onboarding effort for our customers; GitHub and Azure DevOps actions support is forthcoming.

Enabling this API and associated tooling addresses a major gap in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) story for the Power Platform. We expect significant productivity gains for Pro-developers with this investment; they can now provision Dev, Test and Prod environments and install applications of their choice to those environments before importing their solution(s) ensuring the whole process can be fully automated. In many instances, solutions being developed require pre-requisite applications to be installed already in the target environment; this capability makes this achievable.

To make onboarding as simple as possible, we have also added tooling support so you can now use application install command from the Power Platform CLI. However, if you prefer to consume the API directly, we have also created a tutorial with step-by-step instructions. We hope these options, along with our API reference docs make onboarding a breeze for and your developer teams.

This API is exposed using the new Power Platform API Gateway (also in Preview) within the Application Management Namespace. It is our intent to continue to offer more Application Management capabilities under this umbrella (in this namespace) over time while also offering Power Platform tools support to benefit Admins and Pro-Developers ease of use and onboarding.

Screenshot of App Install API Tutorial – Using Power Platform CLI

Screenshot of App Install API Tutorial – Using Raw API via Logic App