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Announcing Public Preview of wrap for Power Apps

Dear Power Apps mobile app developers,

Thank you for your patience! We are delighted to announce that the wrap public preview – enabling you to create mobile apps with Power Apps – is now open. Power Apps is now officially a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP/MXDP) stuffed with great new capabilities:

Getting started

To join the preview, please check out the Important notes below, then follow the steps in the online documentation to get started.

Important notes

  1. This preview is initially available only in North America (NAM) environments (we are working to light up additional regions soon).
    • If you don’t have a NAM environment already, you can create one.
      • Set Region=“United States” and Create a database for this environment=Yes.
  2. The wrap feature is not installed to environments by default.
  3. This is a preview feature available under the Preview Terms and Conditions.
    • N.B. Preview releases are NOT for PRODUCTION use.
    • Please use, evaluate and provide feedback on the feature.
    • Please pilot it with real end users and provide their feedback too.
  4. Feedback can be sent directly to me lknibb@microsoft.com.
    • Your feedback will help us stabilize and improve the feature toward its General Availability (GA) release.
    • When the feature reaches GA, you can take a production dependency on it.
  5. If you encounter an error while using wrap:
    • Check that you have followed the steps in the how-to and signing (Android, iOS) documentation
    • Check the FAQ in case it’s a known issue (this will be updated regularly)
    • If you don’t find a solution, create a support request

We hope you love this amazing new capability of Power Apps and can’t wait to hear your feedback. Happy wrapping!