Application modernization with Power Platform

Legacy applications present many challenges for organizations. Security vulnerabilities, high maintenance costs, limited integration capabilities, and the risk of vendor dependency are just some of the challenges legacy applications can present to an organization.

We recently published a new whitepaper, “Application modernization with Power Platform”, that explores the benefits, strategies, and best practices of modernizing applications with Microsoft Power Platform. The whitepaper provides insights and guidance on how the Microsoft low-code platform can help you ensure the success of your application modernization efforts as part of your organization’s digital transformation.

The whitepaper covers a breadth of topics of interest to CIOs, architects, and solution implementers. Some of the topics covered in the whitepaper include:

  • Key benefits of Power Platform for modernizing applications, including reducing technical debt, enhancing security and compliance, lowering costs, and boosting productivity, just to name a few
  • Evaluating and prioritizing opportunities to modernize apps with low-code solutions
  • Organizing and upskilling teams
  • Extensibility options
  • Low-code modernization architecture scenarios
  • And much more!

The guidance in the whitepaper is based on real-world customer experiences with application modernization using Power Platform and the expertise of Microsoft solution architects.

Ensure the success of your application modernization journey with low-code by downloading the whitepaper from Microsoft Learn.